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Plus 5 VIP Bonuses :

In addition to the main program, you also gain access to 5 additional bonuses as below – free of charge. If combined, these amount to a value of $300 and above.

The Details Of My Boat Plans™ By Martin Reid

Thinking of building your dream boat but don’t know where to start? We all know how complicated boat building can be especially if you have no experience in woodworking. But here comes the My Boat Plans program by Martin Reid, a master boat builder who will teach how to make a boat like a pro. The program contains hundreds of step-by-step boat plans to help you construct any type of boat regardless of your skill-level. Sounds too good to be true, right? We were also a bit skeptical about the entire program and so we decided to compile this review to help you decide if it is a worthwhile investment.

What is My Boat Plans Guide?

Basically, it is a guide that provides you with over 500+ downloadable boat plans and easy-to-follow video tutorials about boat building. It is created by Martin Reid and includes almost everything you would need to know about building a boat. Whether you want to make a yacht, sailboat, paddle boat, kayak, flat-bottom boat or canoe, this guide includes step-by-step tutorials for building almost any kind of boat.

On top of that, the guide contains color pictures and detailed diagrams to make the plans completely idiot proof. Therefore, even people with no experience can make custom boats effortlessly with professional results every time. The guide is available in PDF format for instant download regardless of which part of the globe you are in.

Who is Martin Reid?

Essentially, Martin Reid is the author of My Boat Plans and a boat enthusiast. He is also a master boat builder with 31 years of experience and an educator. Over the years, he has managed to create over 500 boat plans. According to Martin, his fascination with boats started when he was a young child. And when he was old enough, he decided to buy a set of boat plans so he could build a real boat. However, he was never able to build to a boat because he found the plans very hard to understand. But by sheer luck, he was introduced to a local master boat builder who took an interest in his passion for boats and decided to mentor him. Eventually, he was able to build his boat and his skills really improved a lot.

What to Expect From This Program :

Well, for starters, this boat making program brings over 40 instructional videos together. These are recorded in HD quality and the narrator uses simple language throughout. In total, the entire training session lasts for 10 hours, though you don’t have to take it all at once. If you’re busy, then it would be a good idea to listen in for a few hours every day. Even better, you can watch the sessions as you implement the actual moves shown. This way you can pause and rewind whenever you need clarifications. The beauty of taking this approach to learning is that instead of amassing loads of theoretical skills, you get to nail the practical bit of it as well.


One thing that really stands out about this program is that the creators have used high-quality pictures and diagrams. Sometimes, a little bit of illustration is all it takes to grasp new concepts. So, whether you’re a visual or spatial learner, these schematics will definitely be of immense value to you.

You can approach this program as a fun way to advance your DIY skills. Then over time, you will keep honing your skills and eventually you can create a stunning boat.


Whichever level of skills you possess – whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or pro – this program has got your interest at heart. All the steps needed to master the over 518 boat building plans are shared in a clear and concise language. In fact, you don’t even need to be a seasoned DIY expert to handle this. And what’s more, with the right kind of commitment, you can start building your boat as soon as today.


My Boat Plans program is designed to help one deliver professional results every time. This is achieved inexpensively and using simple techniques that majority of the big boy boat makers would not want you to know.


At the price you would incur in purchasing a new boat plan from the so-called contractors, this aid helps you to obtain a real boat. To top it all up, this book is a library of information. Thinking of building your own yacht in the future? Well, you have all the plans stored here.
And the best part of the deal – this is a risk-free program. Of course, that’s a win-win proposition for anyone looking to safeguard their best interest.

Bonuses :

In addition to the main program, you also gain access to 5 additional bonuses – free of charge. If combined, these amount to a value of $300 and above.


(1)3D Boat Design Software

You don’t always have to design your boat manually. This free guide helps you do exactly that but with modern technology through drag-and-drop kind of technology.



(2)Complete Boat Builders Guide

This part of the program focuses on the little-known but equally important tips that separate ordinary boat makers from professionals.



(3)Boat Building Secrets

So, how do you spice up your work going forward? This bonus package helps you create a unique signature line of products that everyone will want to associate with.




(4)Boat Safety Regulation Guide

It’s one thing to build a boat; it’s another to ensure it performs well once in the lake. This free guide helps you know exactly what it takes to comply with universal boat safety standards.




(5)Member Q&A Sessions

Sometimes it is best to learn by holding discussions with other like-minded or advanced boat builders. In this regard, My Boat Plans gives you access to a premium Q&A platform where you can access unlimited assistance from a dynamic community.

Benefits of My Boat Plan Program :

Get detailed one-on-one guidelines with easy to follow steps

An opportunity to build a boat at a fraction of the cost of buying one

One doesn’t have to be a pro to experience its benefits

It can make a perfect free time hobby

Dozens of tutorials, videos, and books to stock up your library

Recommends the use of readily-available materials

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

And much more


Cons :

* 900MB may take time to download on slow internet

* Only 20 yacht designs to choose from

* Requires one to take action

Final Word :

As you can see, the benefits of this program heavily outweigh its disadvantages. Therefore, this is a sure bet as far as good value for money is concerned. So, go ahead, grab a copy and enjoy making your first boat.

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